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"Time Craftsman" develops cesium atomic clock made in Chengdu to keep "Beijing time"

Zhao Xingwen, female, joined Chengdu Tianao Electronics Co., Ltd. at the age of 25 to engage in cesium atomic clock research. It took 8 years to develop the world's first commercial laser-pumped cesium atomic clock. This year's May 1st International Labor Day was awarded by the Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions. She is "Chengdu May 1st Labor Medal".


Cesium removal method in radioactive wastewater

Cesium-containing wastewater mainly comes from nuclear fuel processing in the nuclear industry, nuclear fission products in atomic power stations, and research institutes using radioisotopes, etc. The amount of water can reach hundreds of kilograms to tens of thousands of tons. Among them, 137Cs is not only a high-releasing thermal fission product nuclide with a long half-life (T1/2=30a) in the isotope of cesium, but also the main radioactive source of β and γ rays. The proportion of its radioactivity in the total radioactivity of fission products varies with decay. increased over time.


Three growth points of demand for rare metals cesium and rubidium: 5G, satellite, quantum technology

Application of cesium: As a by-product of chemical lithium production, commercial use has only been around for about 40 years.