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Our company successfully applied for the first "Rubidium and Cesium Resources Comprehensive Utilization and Materials Engineering Research Center" in Jiangxi Province

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Recently, Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission officially approved the application of provincial engineering research centers (engineering laboratories) by various enterprises and institutions in the province (Ganfa Gai High-tech [2013] No. 1034). There are 16 engineering centers (engineering laboratories). From the perspective of the main supporting units for the construction of the engineering center, most of them are enterprises and institutions from Nanchang, the provincial capital, with as many as 14, and the remaining two are enterprises from Xinyu and Fuzhou.

The "Jiangxi Province Rubidium and Cesium Resources Comprehensive Utilization and Materials Engineering Research Center" declared by our company stood out and became the only enterprise in Xinyu City that successfully applied for a provincial engineering center in 2013. It also marked the first rubidium and cesium engineering research in Jiangxi Province. The center was born. The engineering center will play a huge role in promoting the technological research, development and industrial development of rubidium and cesium in Jiangxi province and even the whole country. In order to exert its platform effect as soon as possible, our company will closely follow the requirements of major government departments at all levels, give full play to its own characteristics and advantages, accelerate the construction of engineering centers, strengthen operation management, continuously improve R&D and engineering testing capabilities, and improve industry-university-research cooperation. mechanism, and eventually become a national-level rubidium and cesium engineering research center.